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There are lots of design books on the market that are great for serving up inspiration for creating beautiful, modern spaces in your own home but sometimes, they’re not very realistic, attainable, or even relatable. Finding the perfect antique dresser or just the right shade of white paint can be important but style and aesthetics alone won’t bring happiness into your home. Instead, it’ll be the behind-the-scenes elements that really matter, like the flow of a room, organization and storage, optimal lighting, and incorporating smart technology.

Thankfully a new book is coming to town that addresses all the above and more. Written by author Jamie Gold, a professional kitchen and bath designer and Mayo Clinic-certified wellness coach, Wellness By Design: A Room-By-Room Guide To Optimizing Your Home For Health, Fitness, and Happiness will help you change how you feel in and about your home with functional, implementable tips that go beyond aesthetics.

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