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Mrs. Agatha Eric-Udorie can best be described as a unique mix of passion and knowledge. Her passion for Interior Designing combined with her far reaching and wide exposure put together, has elevated her into the rank of Nigeria’s league of enterprising female entrepreneurs of repute.

Her wealth of experience encompasses all facets of the industry and some aspects of civil construction & finishing. She has been in charge of affairs in the company since inception, being fully responsible for providing the inspiration, motivation and guidance through the company’s several growth stages & phases evidently witnessed over the past years.


It all started in a modest facility with two committed employees and a perfect fabric chair. Today, more than 24 years later, Agatha’s Interior Design Limited (AIDL) is still making good on her promise as the purveyor of luxurious and timeless pieces in the furniture & Interior design industry in Nigeria – from one perfect fabric chair, to endless personalized possibilities. Agatha’s Interior Design Limited, is a family held company, and employs over 16 professionals and technicians and currently operates from her Flagship store of over 1, 200 square meters display space in Ikoyi and a new showroom/design center trading as Pass Ventures located in Victoria Island.

Agatha’s Interior is very design & lifestyle driven, and is a company whose primary mission is to be the foremost residential, project and hospitality furniture and accessories leader in Nigeria. AIDL is set to define the lines in style and design with pieces that are well crafted and designed to fit the personal and creative style of homes, public spaces and offices. Our collections generally and generously cater to distinct and varied taste in design, textures and finishes.


2015: The Arch of Europe Award
2016: International Award for Excellence and Business Prestige (Platinum)
2014: Best Showroom Award
2013: Best Showroom Award
2016/2017: Best Employer of the Year Award


At the heart of the company is the dynamic Mrs. Agatha Eric-Udorie. An authority figure in the industry whose passion and work ethics, has seen her carve out a creative niche working as a craftswoman in what is largely a male dominated trade in Nigeria. With the benefit of years of International exposure behind her, The CEO as she is fondly called, effortlessly creates thoughtful designs that evoke enchanting emotions and presents living spaces that are both breathtaking as they are stylish.

In 2015, Agatha’s interior design limited was awarded ‘The Arch of Europe’ award (Gold category) in Frankfurt for her outstanding work. In 2016; she won the prestigious ‘International Award For Excellence and Business Prestige’ (Platinum Category) in New York.

In addition to these, the company Agatha’s Interior Design Limited won the award of best showroom during the International Designers Excellence Awards (IDEA) in 2013 and 2014. The CEO’s dream for the company is to remain at the forefront of quality Interior design and furnishing for generations to come, moving with the trends of time. As in the words of Coco Chanel; “Fashion fades, style is eternal”


We have a team of professionals who do not compromise
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